Premium Valerian Seeds

Premium Valerian Seeds

Premium Valerian plants for cats

Our premium valerian seeds (Valeriana officinalis) are made in German production. The Pretty Kitty valerian can be grown on the terrace, balcony and garden. The seeds are sufficient for about 50 plants. The growth height of valerian is about 1-2m. The dried leaves of the plant are perfect for homemade toys, such as valerian cushions, valerian bags or as a stimulating food addition!

Simple sowing in your home

Place the seeds on the ground at a distance of 20-30cm. The germination temperature is 16°C. In spring and autumn the germination period is about 2-4 weeks. Keep regularly moist in the beginning. The plant can be grown both in the garden and in pots on the balcony. Valerian is hardy and enjoys semi-shade to sunny locations.

The stimulating effect on cats

The effect of valerian resembles to that of catnip, mainly due to valeric acid, which is presumably similar to the pheromones secreted by cats during the mating season. That's why many cats get into an intoxicating state when they come into contact with the (dried) leaves - they rub against them, roll on the floor or run through the apartment!

However, to make sure that they are not constantly exposed to the stimulus of the fragrance and have fun for a long time, we recommend that you also give your fur babies breaks in between playing.


Please note: Not all cats react similar to valerian, this is genetic and no problem at all! If you have any issues or questions regarding our seeds, please contact us directly - we are happy to help!