Premium Catnip Seeds

Premium Catnip Seeds

This fast-growing catnip is ideal as a natural stimulant for cats. The essential oils spread a pleasantly bitter aroma reminiscent of lemon and mint.

Grow catnip - That's how it works!

Plant seeds in soil or a pot of soil at a distance of 30cm, 0.5cm deep. The germination temperature is 20°C, keep moist. Catnip blooms from July to September. It grows all year round in a sunny location (balcony, garden, terrace) and is hardy. The quality of our seeds is constantly monitored by a neutral testing institute. Seeds from controlled cultivation and produced in Germany.

The natural stimulation for cats

The active substance nepetalactone is a strong pheromone (a messenger substance based on odours), which can have an anxiety-relieving and euphoric effect. The alkaloid actinidine also has an antimicrobial effect. Castrated animals also respond to the scent. Cats dance around the plant or rub against it to absorb its smell. They often eat it, lick it or roll on the floor!

We are here for you!

We only offer what our own animals are enthusiastic about. However, not all cats react equally to catnip. This is normal, genetic and no problem at all! If your tiger is not 5-star enthusiastic, of if your have any problems with growing your plants, you can contact us any time!