Matatabi Dental Sticks

Matatabi Dental Sticks

The "toothbrush for cats" - Playful dental care for your kitty

Dental hygiene is very important for cats. Otherwise, especially house cats develop bad breath and dental plaque. For this reason, our PrettyKitty dental sticks offer a good and above all playful prophylaxis!

100% natural!

Our Matatabi sticks are made of guaranteed 100% natural and untreated wood - without additives or conservatives. The chewsticks consist of dried wood from the Matatabi plant, grown in controlled cultivation.

Great oral hygiene

Our sticks facilitate dental hygiene and oral care for cats through exfoliating dental plaque build-ups on molars, canines and incisors (toothpaste effect). As this is a natural product, the thickness of the chewing bars can vary - but this does not affect the function.

This is how it works!

The natural fragrances contained in the sticks have a stimulating effect on many cats and thus encourage playing and chewing on the sticks. This provides a playful and natural dental care. It is important to actively integrate the sticks into the game with the cat - hold it in front of their face, hide the sticks behind your back, fix it with a string etc.! 

The Matatabi sticks are a great cat toy with added health benefits.


IMPORTANT: Not all cats react to Matatabi. That is genetically determined and not bad at all! If your tiger does not fall in love with our sticks, please let us know. We will be happy to help or refund the purchase price!