Dry Food Snack Toy

Dry Food Snack Toy

Healthy food fun for cats

The Snack Toy by PrettyKitty is an ideal food toy for your little tiger. It is especially suitable for cats who are mainly in the apartment. The cat snack toy helps with weight control, stimulates the hunting instinct and thus supports the mental and physical activity of the cat.

Premium Quality

The food dispenser is long-lasting and made of sturdy plastic, so it's easily washable as well. It is odourless and harmless for animals and humans. The cat food could be changed regularly for lasting fun.

A helpful feeding toy

By portioning throughout the day, the cat can hold its weight better, is encouraged to play and the digestion is facilitated.

It's that simple

Fill the toy with your little tiger's favourite dry food. The sound and smell of the snacks will make your cat play!