5x Premium Cat Grass Seeds

5x Premium Cat Grass Seeds

Support your cat's digestive system

Our super tasty cat grass grows rapidly and is an essential dietary supplement for indoor cats. Cats often groom themselves, and thus ingest a lot of hair. It will bind with the grass fibres and be carried through the digestive system. Natural fibres stimulate the intestinal functions and prevent the formation of hairballs in the stomach.

A perfect addition to cat food

Instead of nibbling on your other decorative plants, your feline will be happy to chew its own, tasty grass. The grass grows in a fresh, deep green and bushy look. It's both a great match for your cat’s meals and your own urban jungle.

How to grow your cat grass

Sowing indoor, you can plant all year long next to a window. For outdoor, we recommend sowing between April and August. Fill a pot up to 2/3 with flower soil and place the seeds on top of it. Do not cover the seeds, water lightly. Germination takes 5 to 10 days at 15-20°C. For sure, your cat will know all by itself when it’s finally time to start nibbling!

Tested by our own connoisseurs

We are happy that we developed this grass together with our own beloved cats Nahla and Simba, who are quite picky when it comes to food! You find Nahla as our proud Pretty Kitty "ambassador" on the front of the packaging as well.

Premium quality seeds from Germany

An independent institute is continuously controlling the quality of the seeds.